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If you’re looking for a better approach that takes into account every aspect of your health from genetics, environment, nutrition, exercise, hormone balance and more – then you’re in the right place. Here at Curebiome we provide the information you need to make the right decisions.

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Microbiome Optimization 

The human microbiome is a field exploding with new findings and research everyday. Put simply, what all this new information tells us is that we are not just our “human” body, but a super organism made up of trillions of cells both human and microbial. Many of these microbes are responsible for producing nutrients, hormones, neurotransmitters alongside countless other important functions which support our health. Within the microbiome there are aspects which control metabolism (metabolome), hormone function (estrobolome, thyrobolome) and more. Most importantly the microbiome is easily disrupted by modern life, which makes it a high priority to be restored, supported and balanced properly to support health and prevent disease.

Mitochondrial Medicine

Mitochondria live within nearly every cell in our body, without them we could not function and exist like we do. Mitochondria allow us to extract 16 times more energy from our food than we are able to through any other mean. They are present in highest concentrations in muscle tissues, the brain and nervous system and are susceptible and disrupted by things like nutrient deficiencies, environmental toxins, trauma and more. Put simply, these are key players in healthy normal function that are a component of almost every major disease we are experiencing from cancer to diabetes and heart disease to mental and mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Restoring and optimizing mitochondrial function dramatically improves both health and quality of life.

Environmental Health and Detoxification

Unfortunately in our world today we are all exposed to anywhere from hundreds to thousands of artificial chemicals, heavy metals and similar compounds (xenobiotics) which negatively impact our health and normal function. These compounds range from things like lead, mercury, pesticides, plastics like BPA, pharmaceuticals and more. Each compound effects our health in a different way, and none of them are positive. These are also compounds that affect our microbiome and mitochondrial function, which is why we emphasis education and therapeutic approaches to address exposures. By supporting and amplifying our normal detoxification process within the body, alongside detection and avoidance health and function are restored.

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“Curebiome” comes from the understanding that if we only address one aspect of our health it will only give us partial results. We must look at the big picture, acknowledge and address all of the problem areas that contribute to health. We make it our goal to educate and empower you to make the changes that result in optimal health and reach your goals. Whether you want to resolve a serious health condition or just be healthier and feel better. Our goal is to graduate you from relying on outside care by educating you on how to make and maintain meaningful habits and strategies for your health.