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“My reason coming to Dr Way was that I wanted to get rid of my belly fat  After proper investigation and lab testing, detoxification, finding my body type and adjusting my diet to it and addressing gut health I noticed improvements in my concerns. My stomach is smaller and I have had to buy new clothes (twice !) because my old clothes just fell off me. With these changes I feel more confident. “

Katherine Y, Novato

Thyroid, weight and digestive health

“ I came to Dr. Way for help with weight, joint pain and overall low energy and have noticed major improvements my correcting my Diet, Detoxification, and gut health. His thorough working knowledge of the body and interrelated systems which has helped so much in tracking and down and helping me to change much needed things. I’ve done so much over the years; diet, nutrition, supplements, hormone replacement therapy, on and on and nothing had big or lasting results. With Dr. Way’s help we’ve targeted a number of these things and more, not separately but together and it is working! Finally, I have some answers and a plan. I’ve lost 20 lbs and continue to lose slowly but consistently. My energy and joint pain are much improved, so much better! My hypothyroidism seems to be improving and I’ve already cut back on my medication which will continue to be monitored and hopefully not needed in the future. I definitely have more stamina and energy, move more fluidly and I feel better overall which is the best of all. I’m continuing with my program and hope and assume I will continue with more good results. Thank you Dr. Way! 

Barbara Kay, Linden, VA

Digestive Health

“I came to Dr. Way with terrible GI issues and wanting to get control. I was truly fed up with feeling awful. I also suspected that I have some hormone imbalance issues so I wanted to get to the root of those and see if I can get back in balance in a natural way. Learned a ton about natural remedies!

Through diet, exercise, proper investigation and lab testing, detoxification, gut health my GI issues have dramatically subsided. I feel like I have better control of my GI and overall health. I have more energy than I have had in maybe 15 years! Less nausea, burning gut issues, fewer headaches, less bloating, and fewer aches and pains.Feel so so much better in the morning. I have more energy. I feel more in control of my health! I am deeply deeply grateful for his phenomenal client/patient service. He is exceptionally generous with all his knowledge. He worked with me very closely, tailoring each remedy/lifestyle suggestion to me personally. He truly wants us to feel better and his deep knowledge can help guide and trouble-shoot.”

Nicole DeMeo, Sausalito

Environmental toxicity and fertility

“Dr. Way is an exceptional doctor, truly above standards and absolutely what I needed.  He trusted what I said even before labs became positive.  Dr. Way invested time in me and researched literature to determine root cause of my symptoms.  He never gave up on my case, even when I did.  He saw my situation through, even when it was difficult.  I went in for an acute situation and ended up with a lot of chronic resolution including after being told 14 years before that children were not in my future, I now have a beautiful baby girl.  I will be forever indebted to this man, he gave me a life that I didn’t even know I was missing.”

BAM 35, female


“After a series of life-changing events both professional and personal, I started to experience issues with anxiety. These problems grew to the point where I started experiencing anxiety attacks that were making it difficult to work or even enjoy time at home. After consulting with Dr. Way, I made changes in my life, as well as started on some natural remedies to keep my anxiety under control. Though it took time and effort, with Dr. Way’s help I was able to control my anxiety issues and get back to living my life.”

GAW 31, male


The above testimonials are real experiences from past patients and clients, but each situation is unique and everyone is different so results vary in both how quickly you improve and how much you improve – all things we discuss thoroughly in our initial consultation.